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Jimi Tewe

Many of the brands we know today that command global influence started off in a doubtful state.

Microsoft, Apple, Dangote and many individuals did not show signs of greatness at inception but today, these entities command the attention of nations and millions of people. 

A number of these companies and individuals have been in existence for just over 2 decades and as much as I am excited about them, my real excitement is for those who will emerge in the next decade or two.

Many of them do not look like success today but what they are doing today will definitely bring them to the stage of Global Influence.

Let me ask? Did you feel I was talking about you when I mentioned this last category? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then I believe so too.

Many times, who you are today is not a true reflection of the success…

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Every job with its own | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

You need to read this…….

Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes you can think that your own job has too many challenges and the jobs of other people seem a lot easier. Because of that you may be considering a job switch so that you can do the easier job and make money easily. When you eventually get into that other job you will notice that the other job too has its own challenges.

This is the same for businesses. There are those who think that one business is easier and it does not come with any stress compared to the stress they are going through with their own jobs. For this reason alone they want to get into that other business. Once they get there they start seeing the challenges of that business also.

You may see that some business and jobs come with health challenges. There are those that will take you away from your family for very…

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Social media becomes truly social… effective use of social media for causes.



Many NGOs with good causes and intentions fade out over time either due to lack of funds or lack of response from society. It’s a very difficult task indeed to make people believe in your cause and further getting their help for that cause. Traditional cause marketing further does nothing much to keep the contributor attached for a long term. Social media offers proven effective tools to achieve this

With laptops and pcs in almost every home, and smartphone in almost every hand these days, social media has entered deep into our lives. On Social media, we meet people, celebrate birthdays, share our thoughts, memories, achievements and nearly share our day to day lives.  In other words we are becoming more and more social on social media. Social media has given us brand new Cs:  communication, creation, community, collaboration and CAUSES.

Since influence is key factor in decision making…

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Against All Odds—What’s Our REAL Chance of Becoming a Successful Author?

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image and quote courtesy of SEAL of Honor on Facebook. Image and quote courtesy of SEAL of Honor on Facebook.

Many of you were here for last week’s discussion regarding What Makes a Real Writer? When we decide to become professional writers, we have a lot of work ahead of us and sadly, most will not make the cut.

I know it’s a grossly inaccurate movie, but I love G.I. Jane. I recall a scene during Hell Week (the first evolution of S.E.A.L. training) where Master Chief has everyone doing butterfly kicks in the rain. He yells at the recruits to look to their left and look to their right, that statistically, those people will quit.

Who will be the first to ring that bell? Who will be the first to quit?

Image via Image via

Years ago, one of my mentors mentioned The 5% Rule. What’s The 5% Rule? So happy you asked. Statistically, only 5% of the population is…

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Undeterred | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Fola Daniel Adelesi

If there is anything you must do on daily basis among several others, it is to remain undeterred through all the daily challenges. You will have to face challenges on daily basis. Some of them will try to break you. For some of those challenges you will feel like giving up but you cant afford to do that.

If you know what some people are going through to get things done for you then you will not be deterred by the challenges you face daily to make things happen for others. A few weeks back it was the birthday of someone very close to me. I was going to give a little surprise and I though it was going to be so easy to throw the surprise.

When I got to the gift shop their POS machines werent working. The queues at the banks were too much. The second gift…

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A proof of doggedness | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Fola Daniel Adelesi

For many years we, motivational speakers, have talked about doggedness and for the first time in Nigeria we have fresh example to relate with. Many people have thought that our examples are mere motivations and can only happen in ideal society. But here, following the 2015 elections in Nigeria, we now have a real example for doggedness not happening in an ideal environment.

Many people already know and some others need to be reminded that the President elect, General Muhammadu Buhari has contested the elections three times before this last one that he won. He tried in 2003, 2007, 2011 and finally got it in 2015.

After losing in 2015 he said he was not going to try anymore and he felt bad about the choice that Nigerians had made. It didnt look like he was going to make it to the top anymore. He probably had decided to resign…

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