Spreading positivity through social media


Technology has changed our lives. It has changed the way we learn, changed the way we do our work, changed the way we schedule our lives, changed the way we communicate and even to some extend changed the way we get entertained.

Human civilization did not change as quickly as it did after the invention of computer.  But while so many changes happening around us and the “hangout” discussions getting replaced by Electronic “chats”, one thing remains constant and that is our emotions. We still feel happy, proud, loved, liked or sad, jealous, offended & rejected. Even if the medium of feeling and expressing feelings is changed, the feelings are same, and it will be so till we call ourselves human.

Next obvious questions are then do we really stay connected with how we feel? Do we really care about how we feel or others around us feel? and do we specifically then take action to feel good? Can we use social media to really be positively social? How can we convert social media into something really productive and meaningful?

Groups & Pages :

Social media offers us with a platform that we can convert into a stage for happiness, positivity & meaningfulness for your self as well as others. In fact I would go one more step and say make it for others, more than self and you might find the new dimension of happiness all together. Facebook as one of the leading social media sites offer groups and pages. There are dedicated pages with positive, optimistic initiatives. Be part of such page. While doing day to work trying to survive in the rat race we all at the end of the day feel lost. These pages offer sometimes a helping hand and sometimes a hand tat pats on your back. Instead of just passing on forwarded massages, create meaningful discussions. It also offers a place where you can share your happiness. An art, a poem, some good review of a book.. This is a place you can relive your best moments and share your hobbies which were lost due to no time. In fact share anything that you enjoyed and others can enjoy too. Its a very old proverb that happiness increases by sharing… so go ahead click “Share”

Pick a cause :

The reach of social media is tremendous. Its not just fast its a snowball effect due to influence of word of mouth. The online social media can inspire people to take small, individual steps that snowball into significant social change. During your branding process try to keep this positivity and hope alive through your posts. If your company is participating in some CSR initiative, share it to influence others as well. Make sure there is a ray of hope in your posts, instead of complaining tone. Your brand already might have a fan following use them as your database to guide people how good things are done, demonstrate how happiness can be spread and to tell a story of how a small initiative can bring meaning to many lives.

Appreciate :

Evolution has provided us with a boon called Human Reward System. Its a few complicated neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin etc… which make us feel good and is very important for survival. This is a little dose of good feel that gives us the right kick and keeps us moving. This system is yet not updated by technology, and we still depend on it largely.  Appreciation is one module of this system. So a simple like , good comment will make someone feel appreciated and feel good. Avoid negativity, our lives are full of hurdles, problems, issues and failures, people come on social media for a break from all that, and they definitely don’t want to see same here. Instead promote positivity around you through liking optimistic posts, commenting positively on them and sharing it further to your circle.

Author  : Shilpa Kulkarni Mohite ( e-Branding Consultant))




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