Leveraging on failures | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Read this and be a blessing to your Generation

Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is always something you can do with failures. That is the beautiful thing about it. Many people think of failure in light of disappointments only and they never see any opportunities in the failures. While they are looking at what they have lost, there are other people making progress and their progress is hinged on the past failures they have experienced.

Leveraging on failures is what people mean when they ask you to turn the lemon that life has given you into lemonade. Something may have been thrown at you so that it will kill you but you can turn that very thing around to the major thing that keeps you alive.

Today when you listen to many inspirational speakers, what do they say? They are either people who have failed before or they know so many other examples of people who have failed. So some people organize a…

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