The Power Of Meditation

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House Of TAI


Meditation is an act of being alone, where there is no distraction or noise, reaching your innermost thoughts as you ponder on them, reflecting on your actions and problems and doing self-analysis. However, religiously, it could be an act of quiet conversations between you and your maker. Personally, I do this a lot and it has helped me grow spiritually in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. At some point in my life, I was disturbed, overwhelmed with fear, trembled at every challenge that came my way, worried ceaselessly about things I couldn’t control, deprived myself of peace, and many other things. I was able to find solace in the act of meditation as soon as my eye opened to the power it possesses. I came to understand that, for every problem, there is a solution or even a ton of solutions but we waste our time and energy crying, worrying, and…

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