We have a role to play | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Yes we all do

Fola Daniel Adelesi

In the last few months building up to the Election Day in Nigeria, we saw so many Nigerians clamouring for change in the country. The clamour was not really about the slogan of a political party but a reflection of the peoples strong desire.

The movement was strong and the people were resilient. They were determined to do something differently this time and one could feel that a revolution was about to take place. I saw it coming and several months before the election I had been predicting some of the things that will happen. Eventually those things have happened.

I think that it is a great thing that things have eventually turned out the way they did but there is something more important than that. The big deal is not about the leaders who have won the election but the people who are involved in the elections.

We have…

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