Election: Woman stabs husband to death over Buhari, Jonathan argument

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We have reported about a man who is likely toleave his wife for voting Goodluck Jonathanin the presidential election but we never saw a murder coming out of this election.

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 26-year-old pregnant woman for allegedly stabbing her husband to death during a quarrel over who would emerge winner between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidates, while voting was ongoing at Ejigbo area of the state. Theincident reportedly happened at the couple’s one room apartment at 81 Military zone junction.

Although accounts of the incident differ, one thingwas consistent; the incident emanated from an argument over politics.

According to an account, while the husband decidedto vote for the PDP, his wife, simply called Onyiyechi, voted for the APC in the presidential election. This was not a problem initially, until an argument over whose choice would win ensued. Onyiyechi…

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