Why I Will Vote for President Jonathan Despite SSS Arrest



It is no longer news that The Department of Lagos State Security Service storms my office on Tuesday 17th March with their men claiming to have come to arrest me on the Order of the President. I was teaching a class on How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant when they invaded my office in three vehicles… It was a real show of intimidation! That is a long story now, you can read more:


Their reason for the arrest as explained by the state director is contained in the article below, click link to read:

“How President Jonathan Sent SSS to Arrest Me on Buhari’s Campaign Part 2″ by Stephen Akintayo click link to read;


Someone will wonder why I still want to campaign for a government that unjustly detained me for 36hours! Let me first of all state that, those who are my followers know that I have never hid my support for the president since day one; and I have clearly stated why I cannot vote for the Presidential candidates, for those just reading my article for the first time. I will like you to read the two articles where I clearly stated why I cannot vote General Buhari and why I want to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan.

1) Why I will not vote Buhari and Why You should not!


2) Open Letter to General Buhari


I had to attend the presidential meeting with National Youth Professional Bodies on Sunday 22nd March, the compelling presentation was reassuring. I must confess the experience I had affected my faith in the presidency… My decision should not be based on sentiments that over aggressiveness of some government institutions abuse their power on civilian but to fight for reform of such institution… I did a sincere comparism between GEJ regime GMB regime; that if General Buhari was the one in power and an election was holding where his chances were contested, will he not send me to life imprisonment for alleged campaign for the opposition? I am very sure that he will, as his military regime was known for brutality and abuse of government institution for intimidation!

I must say it emphatically that The General does not represent change but backward movement into the stone era where there is no freedom of information and people just disappear. I was more impressed in the Goodluck administration that the article I wrote on my blog and posted on my social media platforms got the attention of the highest hierarchy of the SSS and my concerns were immediately addressed by the state director. That is impressive I must confess! This is the kind of treatment we ask for as citizens, that ordinary citizens can demand for their rights and it will be respected.

I will like to ask Nigerians Simples Questions such as:

If Buhari would bring about free education, why have all the APC states not implementing it in their states? As a matter of fact, tuition fee in APC led states is more expensive than some PDP led states. I want to believe these promises are just empty promises base on wishful thinking and lies and not from a sincere heart. Politicians are known to promise heaven and earth just to win election and after they win the story change. Is that the change that we want?

Another question is that, if truly APC wants to pay 25millions employed Nigerians salary when elected at the Federal level, why have they not tried it at the state level? I am of the opinion that, democracy is best felt at the local government and state level than the federal level.

Why did APC house of assembly members opposing LGA autonomy? Why did they oppose constitutional reform?

It is important to note here that, something is fundamentally wrong with our constitution and we all know it. A government that truly wants to change this nation will have to start at the local level and engineers true reform from ground up!

One can talk from now till tomorrow to give facts that what APC promise at the federal level is not a sincere and realistic position. The core strength of the General is ‘Corruption’ and that has been the weak end…Despite lots of the corruption allegations passed by the APC leaders via videos flying here and there about GEJ; I strongly say that the true change we seek has not come but the easiest access to that change is Jonathan. Take it from me! How can you ask an old man that I am sure can’t operate a computer to lead a revolution in a jet age, that can’t be possible; it will only be an embarrassment of technology?! How can you ask a man that can’t present ordinary secondary school certificate to change the educational sector? What a dramatic irony!

Lastly, why I will rather vote GEJ is because even if I don’t vote him, he will win this election. Going by the recent success recorded by Nigerian Military over the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency has engendered him to those opposing him to voting him on the ground on security. Voting Goodluck who is in his fifties is forward movement as against voting General Buhari who is in his seventies. If a man cannot change Nigeria in his forties when Nigeria still has a small population, and just gain independence; will have been a lot easier to make concrete changes, a time when Naira is still strong against the Dollar, a man who couldn’t handle the security of the state house to prevent coup is now assuring us of security and better governance. Nigerians, let us wake up and vote for true change, true forward movement and that can be guaranteed by voting President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. It is just few hours from now. Vote PDP at the presidential level and you are sure of 4years of progress that will lead to producing an environment for true change in 2019 but for now, I stick with Goodluck Jonthan at the Presidential Level. However, I am voting Ibikunle Amosun of APC at the state level.

God bless Nigeria and this election will be free, fair and credible. Let me state here again that I pledge for peace and if my candidate loses, I will congratulate the winner and will not make any inflaming statement nor support violence. I stand for peace and forward movement.

Thank you for reading!

By Stephen Akintayo


Stephen Akintayo


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