How will they know God sent you? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Somethings you need to know

Fola Daniel Adelesi

For years now I have had people teasing me about becoming a pastor but I just look at them and I think some of them say that because they don’t know the seriousness involved. It is in this time and age that it has become so fashionable to say that you are a pastor. The glamour and the charade of prosperity have taken over the burden that a pastor bears for his congregation in the hearts of many.

It’s now okay to be a pastor because it looks like an easy way out of poverty for some. They think you just need to know how to talk and know what to say then the pockets of the people will respond to you.

Recently I began to tell some of those teasing me that I don’t even have a problem with being a minister of the gospel but there is something…

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