5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Computer from Virus

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Computer virus and malware are the programs which are loaded onto the computer without your knowledge and run against your wishes. In short, these are the man-made hazardous things for your computer. However, keeping the computer safe against viruses is something that every computer owner deals with once-in-a-lifetime. If you will keep updated the antivirus programs on your PC, then they can fight the issues occurred by the malware and virus. But it’s not a permanent solution to give your computer round the clock protection. Here I have mentioned 5 easy-to-use tips to get rid of computer viruses effectively.

Check Firewall
Yeah, it’s completely troublesome to check firewall? Right, friends! But believe me, it’s not! If you own a Windows PC, then browse “Control Panel” and type “Firewall” in the Search pop-up box. When the Firewall page is opened, then you can check “firewall”. But if you have a Mac…

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