Start Small Grow Fast

One of the stories that inspire me was that of late Isaac Durojaiye also known as Otunba Gadaffi who ponieer DMT Mobile Toilet.He used to be CSO to late MKO Abiola and after the death of Chief Abioila decided to start Mobile toilet when he saw that there was a problem of public toilet at parks and event centers.No one has done it before but he went into it.Guess what? For 4years he didn’t make a single sales.Not one. Please note here that the fact that you are not making money in that business doesn’t make it is a bad business idea.However Otunba Gadaffi refused to give up,he kept perfecting it.He created awareness and several slogans such as; ‘shit business is a serious business’ shit smells but shit money doesn’t smell etc’

If you want to be a successful business man there are 3 similar forces you need:


Life will never reward a hasty man but a patient man.Only those who master the act of patience ever become successful.You must understand that things takes time and the vision is for an appointed time.That you have no breakthrough doesn’t mean you will not breakforth.Just give it some more time and your testimony will be visible to all.

Only the determine conquers discouragement. This is what I encourage those who want to go into business; alaways make up your mind before going into business else you will run into unpaid employment.I meet a lot of people who tell me,am looking for job now because it’s just like playing at home since I made up my mind to run my business.My advice is hold on,stand still.Make up your mind that you will not give up but stay on till you come out successful.

Don’t change business ideas or services like dating.Some people will not buy from you until they have seen you run your business consistently for a year because of the volume of transaction they want to do with you.Stay with the same Idea until you have turn it to a consistent cash flow.I speak to that dying business to receive the life of God in Jesus name.Your business may start local but I pray that it goes global in Jesus name.

By Mr Stephen Akintayostephen







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